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A Busy Month

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Wright Photo October has turned out to be quite the month. Patents’ Weekend was great, seeing my family is something I always look forward to. It was neat being able to take my sister and our exchange student to all of my classes, even if they thought it was a little boring. Being with them was a nice break from the demanding schedule here at the Academy, but having them leave was extremely difficult. I have been told that it gets easier and I hope that’s true. I feel like it’s those moments that you really have to dig down and remember why you decided to attend a service academy, I just think of how proud I am making my family and the end goal of one day becoming an officer (even if that may be several years off). Since they have left I have stayed busy as usual. Crew season ended, and while I enjoyed my time on the team, I have decided to try either lacrosse or tennis next semester; I’m still undecided. Classes have been demanding and there have been a few weeks where I am amazed that I survived.


Right now we are sitting out Hurricane Sandy. It has turned out to not be so bad here but I’m not complaining about a few days off. As far as being a freshman at the Academy, the past week has been pretty exciting. Usually we have to get back into our uniform to go to dinner, and study secessions but we finally got the privilege to wear running suits. I know, it’s the small things in life that make it wonderful. One thing that reminded me of how much people care is that since the beginning of the year, our Gideon (the junior in charge of all the freshman in the company) also gave up his running suit, you can imagine how excited he was to hear that we got our running suit privileges because that means he got his back, too. Just another reason that I’m glad I chose the Academy – I don’t think you could find another school where everyone looks out for each other as much as we do here.


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