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Sprint to the Finish

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Duplessis Photo And after Veteran’s Day Weekend, that’s exactly what the last three weeks of the semester feels like. Fourteen more school days until finals, and, more importantly, winter break!


Bears women’s soccer finished early in November, which is always bittersweet for me. It’s nice to have nothing after school you have to immediately go to, but you begin to miss seeing everyone after a little while. We didn’t have the greatest season this year, but I’m proud to have played with my best friends. We had a few absolutely amazing games (we took the number one seeded team, Springfield, into double overtime but eventually lost 1-0) that make me motivated to play next year, and I can’t wait.


Although fall soccer is finished for me, this is the time of the year I feel busiest. We have about ten academic and military things (projects, CER’s, tests, etc.) dumped on our plates all at once, and we have to finish all of them. Additionally, finals are a rough week here at the Academy. Like everywhere else, I’m sure, we all cram as much as we can into our brains and throw it all out on a final. The exception is that, here, we each have up to six or seven finals, and usually there are two a day.


It’s always hard work to be here but that motivation to do your absolute best is why I came to the Academy, and why, at the end of the day, I enjoy being a cadet.


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