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(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Cardoza Photo Thanksgiving is such an important time of the year for cadets. It marks the end of the semester and the beginning of finals week. I have to say, having this semester wind down to an end came up a lot faster than I expected it to! It seems like everyone has been rushing all semester that we never actually stopped to look back on all that we’ve done. This year is definitely a lot different than 4/c year in the sense that there is more academic work, and that we also have 4/c looking up to us. It is a totally different perspective, but one that I know all of our class has enjoyed. I have seen my class grow in ways that I never thought that we could and it has been amazing to witness how people change throughout the course of one year.


I cannot wait until the next semester comes up! That means that we are just that much closer to being cadre and leading a summer experience and possibly changing somebody’s life. It will be interesting to see who rises up as a leader people look up to and who doesn’t. I have the utmost faith in my class though that we will continue to grow and learn from all the challenges and experiences we encounter.


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