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Veteran's Day Weekend Adventures

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Cantrell Photo What a great weekend! Since Veteran’s Day was on Sunday, the Corps of Cadets did not have school on Monday and we were all able to take a “long”. A “long” means that you can leave after your last military obligation (normally class) on Friday and not come back until Monday at 1900 (for 3/c). I had a home swimming and diving meet on Saturday so I couldn’t leave until Saturday evening, but it was still a great long weekend. Friday night the swimming and diving team had a pasta party at one of the swim team girl’s house close to the Academy. Saturday after the diving meet, which Coast Guard won on both the men’s and women’s side, I jumped on the ferry with three of my friends and headed for Long Island. My friend’s aunt lives on the Island and we all decided to go to her house for the weekend. It was so relaxing to be at a house and go to sleep early and just hang around. We all woke up at a decent time on Sunday and took a train into New York City. It was my first time on a train so that was pretty exciting! The city was great we all just walked around and shopped and met up with my aunt for lunch. We took an early train back to Long Island and were able to cook a nice dinner, which is something we are never able to do at the Academy so it was a lot of fun. Monday was a little depressing because we had to pack to return. It’s a weird feeling you get in your stomach knowing you’re coming back. It’s hard to explain, but it helps that I’m a third class now and it makes it a little easier to cross the bridge.


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone is getting excited and anxious to get home. This year is the first time I will not spend Thanksgiving with my family, but I will be spending it with great friends and an amazing family. Once I’m an officer, I might not be able to spend every holiday with my family so it’s good to get use to it now. Plus, I will be going home in a month for winter leave so I have that to look forward to.


The semester is almost over, which means exams are sneaking up. Crunch time is coming and there is a lot of studying to be done. I’m ready for this semester to be over with and to be able to start fresh again after winter leave. Third class year is tough academically, but if you put in the time and effort it is definitely doable. I hope everyone has a happy holiday and from what I remember, acceptance letters will be coming shortly so good luck to all of you and if you have any questions feel free to email me!


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