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Worth It In the End

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Subramanian Photo When does the holiday season actually start? A couple of friends from home told me it started way back at the beginning of November. While I loved having holiday spirit and it boosts my morale considerably, I am trying not to get distracted ahead of finals. For me, the holiday season begins on December 11, when I finish my last final in Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design.


Thanksgiving leave was a much-needed getaway from the grind of the Coast Guard Academy. With six projects due in the upcoming weeks, as well as studying for finals, I used my Thanksgiving break to relax and mentally prepare. As an engineer, finals will be very difficult. It will no doubt be rewarding once I am done.


All the winter sports’ seasons have kicked off. I am very excited to go to the men’s basketball team home games and see all my classmates in all the sports perform and represent the Academy well. I have been sidelined in boxing due to a recent shoulder injury but I hope to be ready to go when next semester starts. I still continue to play b-side ice hockey on Friday mornings. It is very difficult to stay awake in classes, but I have continued to work hard in finishing my work sooner and getting to bed at a reasonable hour to be well refreshed to play hockey at 0400.


I plan on blogging over winter leave. Until then, I will be nose-deep in my notes and textbooks. As officers, alumni, instructors, and my parents always say: It will be worth it in the end.


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