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Upon Return from an Awesome Break

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Cantrell Photo The end of last semester came up so fast. It’s been a while since my last post, but finals and diving took priority. I had a great first semester of my third class year. Starting the second semester makes me realize how fast time is going by. The corps just got back and everyone’s morale is high. It’s great to hear about all of my friends’ winter leave experiences and what they did. I had an amazing time over leave and did not get bored one day.


My break started with a seven-hour road trip to visit one of my best friends from the Academy in Georgia. We went out on the boat, hung out in downtown Savannah, and made Christmas cookies. I am so glad I was able to visit and had an awesome time. We then drove together to Orlando, Florida to meet up with two of our other friends from the Academy to go to Busch Gardens in Tampa. When I got back home I had about a week to visit with my old high school friends and family. That week seemed to fly by, but I got to go to the beach and catch up with friends. I also had a wonderful Christmas with my family. It’s weird to think that these might be the last couple of Christmases when my family will all be together. The last week of my leave was spent with the swimming and diving team in Sarasota, Florida for a training trip. I had so much fun and I’m so glad I went. We worked out a lot and dove a lot, but we also got to soak up some sun on the beach, which was really relaxing.


Break came and went so fast, but I enjoyed every minute and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. We all switch roommates and rooms every semester and I’m so excited for this semester. I’m rooming with one of my best friends and I know we are going to have a lot of fun living together. With schedules out and books issued it’s getting closer and closer to the first day of spring semester. As much as I am excited, I am very nervous for this upcoming semester. I finished last semester strong, but this semester will probably be my hardest semester at the Academy because I am taking mostly technical classes, which will be challenging but doable.


Diving is going great. I had back issues earlier this season, which took me out of competing for a couple of months. It was frustrating being able to participate in the sport I love, but my back is all healed and I’m back on the boards. We had two meets this week and both went relatively well. I am just so happy to be competing again with the team and being able to help earn points for the meet.


Hope everyone had a great winter break and is starting off strong in their second semester! For you seniors, have fun this semester and make amazing memories. Don’t get senioritis too badly!


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