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Back in the Groove

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Martin Photo In two years from this point, I will be a semester away from graduating! It’s pretty cool to see the excitement (and the senioritis) of the firsties as they anxiously await their departure from this beautiful place we call home. I keep thinking that will be me some day, and the sooner the better!


Getting back in the groove of things is always difficult after having an amazingly long leave at home. Yet also, we have the motivation from seeing how proud friends and family are of us, which is the fuel that keeps us going. I keep saying that whichever semester I am in is going to be the hardest; I need to get out of that habit since the next semester seems to discredit that statement every time.


Already this semester I have made up for my inability to travel last semester. The first weekend back from break, the corps was granted a long weekend so I headed to New Jersey to visit with some cousins and relax before the storm. Next was MLK weekend so I was able to do some traveling and get away that weekend, too. The next weekend, a first class and I went to NYC to represent the Coast Guard Academy’s Spectrum Council in the first ever All-Academy Spectrum Leadership Conference. It was a great weekend in the city with a lot of great work done to strengthen the bonds between our Academies and bring us together to tackle issues together. It is always fun to be in the city and to stay for free just makes it that much better! In two weeks I’ll be off to visit the Naval Academy and the Holocaust Museum so there’s been a good bit of traveling so far with plenty more planned!


We are already getting training on Cadre Summer to prep us for this great responsibility and this great challenge. Its right around the corner so get ready 2017, because we are!


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