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What a Busy Month

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Roesch Photo It hasn’t even been the first full week of February yet, and I’m already wishing February was over with! There are so many things to be done throughout this month, that when I look at my calendar all I see is writing – there is never a free moment! There are tests and quizzes scattered throughout the month, with plenty of homework and essays to fill any gaps between them. There are track meets, Glee Club events, community service events, and club meetings to be had with sleepless nights to top them all off. And the one week where there are no pressing academic tasks, we 4/c have Boards. What more could possibly happen this month? Needless to say, a much needed spring break is on its way. Not that I mean to sound like I’m complaining or anything; in general, I tend to like having a full plate of things to accomplish – BUT I do still enjoy some down time in between!


Amidst all these looming tests, homework, quizzes, and obligations I have, there is one that I am most excited about: Boards. If every 4/c passes Boards, the class of 2016 will get carry-on! Whoa, that’s crazy! Most classes don’t get the opportunity to earn carry-on this early. Getting to listen to music out loud, talk to my friends in the p-way, and not square is a huge thing to look forward to. After 100th day and getting the chance to be a 2/c for a day (well, 14 hours really…) I realized how fun this place can be when you’re NOT a 4/c. So, after having that little taste of freedom and privileges, I am very motivated to study. It made me wake up and realize that Boards are right around the corner, and not only do I have to do my part and study, but I have to help out my shipmates, too. Just because I might pass my first time (I really hope I do!!), the rest of 2016 does as well. This just emphasizes that you are a team here and have to look out for each other all the time.


That’s all I really have to say for now. Even though my month is crazy busy, don’t hesitate to email me if you guys have any questions or want advice about Academy stuff. To all the 2017 applicants/appointees – good luck, 2016 (and especially 2015) are anxiously waiting for y’all to get here!


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