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Good News…Finally!

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Wu Photo February is probably one of the toughest months out of the whole academic year. Everything drags on and the workload can get overbearing at times. It was definitely a rough week at the Academy trying to balance school with military obligations and also keeping up with my physical fitness. I was getting very frustrated with school this week especially since I keep getting distracted with spring break, and for my classmates and I, cadre summer. It is also harder to focus on academics spring semester because of all the opportunities we have here at the Academy. For me, I have been juggling applications with cadre summer, command positions in the fall semester, and also the Service Academy Exchange Program. After getting all the memos routed and finally being able to settle down and try and focus on school, I received some news yesterday. It was completely unexpected and all I wanted was to lie on my rack and take a nap after a tough week, however I got two emails that changed everything.


The first email announced the cadets that will be going on exchange to different service academies this coming fall. I was very fortunate to get accepted into the program and I am thrilled to be going to the Air Force Academy next semester! It was the best way to end my week and the motivator for me to work hard for the rest of this semester. For anyone that is curious, the Service Academy Exchange Program is an opportunity for cadets to study at another service academy for a semester so a few Coast Guard cadets get to go to USMA at West Point, USAFA in Colorado, or USNA in Annapolis, Maryland every year. I have only heard good things from upperclassmen about the exchange program so I am most definitely looking forward to the opportunity and very grateful that the Coast Guard Academy is part of this program.


The second email was the one that the Class of 2015 has been waiting for. It was the email solidifying our summer assignments and what cadre we were going to be. I am very looking forward to being a Swab Summer Cadre and specifically and R-Day cadre, so for the Class of 2017, my classmates and I are looking forward to seeing you soon! It is exciting that the summer is starting to come together and now that we know what our summer schedule is like, it makes it easier to book flights and make plans accordingly.


The only thing standing in the way is getting through the rest of the semester! I am excited for the upcoming summer, being a 2/c, having civilian clothes again, seeing the Class of 2017, and going to the Air Force Academy!


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