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Spring Break and NCAA Diving

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Cantrell Photo March is nearing its end and many events have happened this month. Diving regionals were held on the first weekend in March and my teammate Andy and I were able to go and compete because we made the qualifying cut earlier in the season. Regionals was a success and we both dove extremely well. I qualified for NCAAs in Texas the week after spring break and was really excited. After a quick and easy week of school I was on a flight back to Florida for spring break.


Spring break was a well-needed break for the whole corps and we were able to relax and have some fun. Back at home, I went to the beach and lied by the pool most days with friends and family. I went shopping with my mom and went to diving practice. I soaked up all the sun I could because I knew I would be going back to cold weather. After a great week at home, I headed back to the Academy to finish out the semester strong.


This past week I have been in Texas attending NCAAs for diving and it was an amazing experience. I got to meet the Olympic gold medalist Laura Wilkinson and a bunch of new friends. It was awesome to be able to dive with such great divers. Watching the other girls and guys gave me so much motivation to learn new dives and keep pushing myself. After an exhausting week I am headed back to the Academy to finish out the month. I have assignments coming up that I am stressed about, but I know I will get through them just fine. Easter is in a week and the corps will be granted a long. It will be another nice break for us, which will raise morale.


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