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Third Class Summer

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Keeley Photo There are only 13 more days of school to do including weekends. Although the end is in sight, this last push will be a tough one due to final exams, and packing out. We’re all in a trance right now, trying to get as much as we can done, or at least I am.


This summer I will be going on CGC Eagle for the first five weeks of my summer, called first phase, and then I will be at station Point Judith, Rhode Island for the next six weeks, called second phase. I had asked for both of these assignments so I am pretty excited for the summer. Eagle first phase will be going to St. Martin, Aruba, Guantanamo Bay, and finally, St. Petersburg, Florida. The only concern is that it will be extremely hot especially while we are all wearing ODUs. A large majority of my class will be on first phase as well, so the journey should be relatively cramped but this will definitely force us all to get to know each other much better. As third classes, which we will all become in May, class of 2016 will get to wear civilian clothes while on liberty in port; a huge excitement.


This is the summer where we really learn what it is like out in the fleet. While Eagle will give us a pretty good idea, nothing will train us better than our second phase where we had a choice of a cutter or a station. I chose station Point Judith because I live relatively close to there and as a result, have had previous interactions with the station and some of its crew. It will also be nice to be so close to home during liberty periods.


In addition to the two phases during 3/c summer, we also get the last three weeks off before we have to return to school. I remember thinking right before Swab Summer that I would never really get to go back to my house during the summers. I’m glad to know that this is not at all true.


Well, that’s pretty much it for this week, see y’all next month!

~4/c Keeley


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