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Summer Assignments

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Stowes Photo With the end of the semester fast approaching, cadets here at the Coast Guard Academy are busier than ever. In addition to tests, projects, and presentations, sports, clubs, and so on, we are all getting ready for our summer assignments. Summer assignments are training periods designed to get cadets out into the operational Coast Guard. Each class has different assignment opportunities and training objectives. I am going to focus on what fourth class will be doing this summer.


Fourth class go out to experience the Coast Guard like a junior enlisted member would. We are training to be officers at the Academy, but we must first learn what the enlisted members have gone through. As a result, fourth class go to either a cutter, small boat station, or sector for six weeks to do the same work a junior enlisted member would. The other six weeks of summer training is spent on the Academy training ship, Eagle. On Eagle, we are expected to get some basic training qualifications.


This summer, I will be going to Pascagoula, Mississippi on CGC Decisive, which is a 210-foot medium endurance cutter that does various Coast Guard missions in the Gulf of Mexico. Decisive’s basic missions include: search and rescue, law enforcement, and drug and migrant interdiction. At this point, I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing for work or what qualifications I’ll be expected to get. Nevertheless, I know I’ll be working hard in port and underway. I’m really excited. Being from Massachusetts, I’m excited to get out of the Northeast and experience the culture in Mississippi. In addition, I’m excited to get underway and see what life in the Coast Guard is really like.


In mid-June, I will leave Mississippi and head to Eagle in St. Petersburg, Florida. From St. Pete, Eagle will head out to Bermuda, back to Florida, up to St. Pierre (a French island in Canada), to Halifax, and finish the tour in Boston. While onboard Eagle, I will get qualified in basic Damage Control and Communications. Other than that, I can pick and choose what qualifications I want to pursue.


I only have two and a half weeks until I leave so my excitement is growing every day. If you have any questions about summer training or anything else, I am happy to answer. Feel free to email me at


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