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Last Summer as a Cadet

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Townsend Photo It seems as if the sun never stops shining here in California! I am in Marina Del Rey for my first half of the summer on CGC Halibut to familiarize myself with the fleet and gain some knowledge of the Coast Guard. This is my last cadet summer experiencing time in the fleet and I have taken more of a leadership role. I am shadowing junior officers in the Coast Guard to discover what exactly I will be doing when I graduate from the Academy. I am diligently working on qualifications so that I can eventually become a fully qualified member of the crew by the time I am due to leave Marina Del Rey. It is convenient to be sent to such an amazing location too. Marina Del Rey always has perfect weather and it is just a short distance from downtown Los Angeles.


Once I complete my five weeks on the Halibut, I will be traveling with the CGC Eagle for six weeks as a cadre for the 3/c cadets. I am greatly anticipating my time on Eagle because there are so many great opportunities for me there. We will be visiting amazing ports such as Bermuda and St. Pierre, France! I also will be able to have an ample amount of leadership opportunities on Eagle, which will bode well for my development into being a 1/c cadet. I am very excited for what the summer has to offer and I am even more excited to complete my last year at the Coast Guard Academy!


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