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cadet blogs

Swab Summer Prep

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Duplessis Photo You might think that swabs are the only ones nervous and excited for Swab Summer, but that’s not the case. The cadre have been going through what is called Prep Week in order to get rooms, uniforms, and gear ready for the swabs. We also practice for R-Day (Reporting-In Day). Not only do we vigorously clean all of the swab rooms (sometimes running into some chemical problems, which were quickly taken care of), we also run through their morning routine including calisthenics, the obstacle course, and IT (intensive training) sessions. Everything the swabs do, we will have to do as well.


I’ve already finished range week (becoming pistol qualified) and ROTR week (the dreaded Rules Of The Road week where we study for a test we must pass with at least a 90%), and I have completed my three weeks of leave. Although I had a great time on leave, I can honestly say that this week has made me extremely excited about receiving the incoming swabs. Going through practice for the first day made all of the cadre realize that we have a lot of responsibility, and it is going to be tough. At the same time, we also realized we have the power to show the swabs what the Coast Guard and the Academy are really about. We will be their first impression of the Coast Guard.


After three weeks of being a cadre for Swab Summer, I will finish off with T-boats, coastal sail (sailing program), and CATP (aviation program). So far this has been my favorite summer at the Academy, and I have a feeling it will continue to be this awesome. I have heard that the second half of your Academy experience is exponentially better than the first two years, and being a second class is staying true to that statement so far!


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