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A Recap of 100th Week

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Hazen PhotoMonday: We met out on the parade field and LCDR Christiansen handed us over to the Cape May Company Commanders. Petty Officer Saporito (SK2) took charge of Hotel Company. I relived Swab Summer for the next eight hours. Once the day was over, I went to bed…unable to move. My hamstrings would be tight for the next week and a half…


Tuesday: “Train the trainer” day – We all learned the tricks and secrets of being a cadre.


Wednesday: Room Inspections – My roommate, Christina, and I got our room inspected by SK2 Saporito and a few of our classmates. They found ‘dust buffalos’ behind my stereo cabinet and made Christina get her rifle to shoot them dead…it was absolutely hilarious!


Thursday and Friday: Stone’s Ranch – a lot of team building exercises. There were a series of three obstacle courses that all members of the class of 2015 were to complete as a team. Both Thursday and Friday were extremely hot and I was fighting a bad case of poison ivy. But Friday afternoon was one of the happiest days at the Academy. The class of 2015 put on 2/c shoulder boards and officially got the civies!


Saturday: I spent the day prepping for my 0530 departure to Elizabeth City, North Carolina for CATP (Cadet Aviation Training Program).



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