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cadet blogs

Round Two

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Wright Photo It’s crazy to be back. Sitting here in my 3/c shoes it’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was the scared freshman running around the halls frantically greeting every upper class I saw with a “Good evening, sir” at 6 a.m. in the morning… nothing I did was right. Or at least it seemed that way. Now, I know a few more things and definitely can enjoy this place a little more. This first week back is full of stuff; lectures, schedules, getting to know your division, and most of all getting back into the hectic Academy routine. Being a 3/c now means that I am the one the freshman come to for everything; I am next in their chain of command so all their silly questions come to me first… it makes me wonder if I was that clueless last year. My assumption is I was. :P


Each company of about 120 cadets is split up into departments and further divisions with four to eight cadets. Each division is in charge of a job for their company and each class has one to two members per division. So, my division has eight cadets, two from each class, and we are in charge of regimental tours (which I have heard is a fair amount of work). This week has focused on getting to know each other, especially me and my 4/c. Since there are two 3/c and two 4/c in my division we have kind of split it up so each 3/c takes responsibility for one of the 4/c. My 4/c is Meagen Witham from Virginia. I worked alongside her a lot this week with various tasks like putting up nametags for the company, getting signatures of everyone in our company, and cleaning for our formal room and wing. One thing I have learned is that she is a very hard worker, and I know this semester will go great.


All together I have to say being a 3/c is definitely a lot better than last year. I’m looking forward to helping the 4/c through this year as much as I can because I know how tough it is to be in their shoes, though I do have to say I’m happy to not be in them anymore. New company, new major, new roommate, new responsibilities, and definitely a new perspective of the Academy will make this year exciting and so much different than last year! I can’t wait to get started.


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