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With Great Power, Comes Endless Amounts of Homework

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Doctolero Photo Going into my third class year I was excited. I could swivel my head in the hallway, I could bring my food to my face in whatever angle I wanted, and I no longer yelled at an inanimate object for 10 minutes. The roles had switched and I was excited for the year to come. When classes started I realized this year wouldn’t be all fun and games. As an ORCA major my schedule was full of math classes. I have multivariable calculus right after my linear algebra class, talk about math overload. And physics in the morning is rough; the last thing I wanted to talk about in the morning was angular velocity and the conservation of momentum. On top of that, there were weekly physics tests and so much homework I couldn’t breathe. It was tough at first to get in the swing of things, but I worked hard, developed a schedule, and tried not to waste too much time.


It was also weird for me to have to be in charge of someone. Even though the division has a first and second class, it’s the third class’ responsibility to take the fourth class under their wing. I was constantly bombarded with questions and tried to answer to the best of my abilities. There was also deciding what kind of leader I should be. Should I be the overly nice third class, that seems like a friend or should I be the overly accountable third class that is strict and goes by the book. I eventually chose to be nice, because everyone deserves second chances, and my goal was not to be a tyrant, but a mentor. And I can’t mentor if my fourth class is scared to approach me.


Despite all the kinks and obstacles, I can honestly say I’m excited for the year to come. I look forward to watch my fourth class grow just as I did last year. I know I’m far from perfect and I also have some growing to do. But I’m ready to tackle any obstacle head on and make the best of this year.


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