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Midterm Update

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Keeley Photo End of the first semester and still going strong. The cross country season is coming to an end with only two meets left. Everyone’s times are dropping, which is very exciting, but I cannot wait for the winter to come, which will mean skiing almost every weekend. Whether I go with the ski and snowboard club or my sponsor parents, I will find my way up to a mountain.


Halloween was very fun, however 4/c year was still more fun just because of the carry-on trick-or-treating on the hill and running through the barracks. This year I still went to the dinner but had a project due the next day so didn’t get to experience much of the excitement.


One interesting thing I am seeing this year, as opposed to last, is the openness of my classmates admitting that they are thinking about disenrolling. Last year no one talked about it even if they thought about doing so. The difference is that this year, no one is really watching us and we do not have a great amount of responsibility compared to the juniors and seniors. We are on our own and given more freedom to really see behind the scenes and sometimes, we don’t like what we see. The military aspects can get tiring and tedious and the idea of being at a regular college appeals to us.


Despite the large number of people that have considered leaving, not many actually do. There are many reasons for this. Some people realize that they shouldn’t let the little details get to them because they are here for a greater purpose. Others realize that they would still be stressed with work or chores at other schools and recognize that they are in such a good position here with a solid income and much more. Still, some discover that they do not like life in the fleet and believe that they should get out now before things get worse. However, we have only experienced one summer in the fleet so I personally do not think I have a good impression of it yet.


I have no idea what my life will be like in three years but I would like to remain in the Coast Guard. I have thought about leaving but I know that I would definitely regret it in the future whether that be one or ten years from now. I would always wonder what could have been. Therefore I am determined to stick it out even when things get stressful. Our class just signed a document saying that come the beginning of this summer, we will have to pay back all of the money that the Academy has given us if we were to get kicked out. Therefore, anyone who wants to leave knows that they have to do it before the end of the year or they will have to pay back a great deal of money.


It will be interesting to see what happens after this year and during the upcoming Swab Summer. Sorry to make this entry depressing. Things really are going well and I am enjoying the year.
~Missy Keeley



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