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The Best Major Here

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Krakower Photo The life of a Government major here is…interesting to say the least. The work from classes is usually constant, but for government classes, there’s a two weeks off/one week on policy that tends to be the structure of every class. For example, the last two weeks have been relatively light on homework. This coming week, I’ve got a Preliminary Inquiry Officer Report due for Criminal Justice, a Policy Analysis paper for Public Policy, and a paper on humanitarian crises due, not to mention I have to start my paper on UN peacekeeping, my presentation for Spanish III, and study for my Principles of Electronics Communications Systems exam. The course load could be structured better, but it’s something we government majors have to live with.


That’s not to say the major is bad, far from it. Our officers and instructors are the best, hands down. We experience every branch of academics here, and the nicest, best to learn from come straight from the Government major. We have great clubs like Society of Political and International Affairs, Model UN, Mock Trial, etc., and we get lectures from really cool people. Last month, Soledad O’Brien visited, one of the more famous reporters from CNN and now an anchor for HBO Sports. John Nagl visited just last week to talk about counter-insurgency. The talks are interesting, to say the least.


I’m only one of a handful of cadets in my class that have the Public Policy/Pre-Law track for our major. Everybody is pretty much International Relations or Security Studies. All concentrations are great, but since I want to be a JAG, it’s my obvious go-to. Someone told me a few days ago, that you’re worthless with a government degree unless you go into law. That’s totally false. The Coast Guard does a ton of policy. Our intelligence fields are among the best in the U.S. We do more international affairs work than everyone thinks. This major sets you up for that.


Everyone also says the Government major is the least necessary, or one of the least necessary majors here. I laugh at that, considering we do all of the above. I can think of a couple other majors that have less impact, and less applicability to the Coast Guard. My major is without a doubt the most fun, with the best of instructors and cadets learning about very important things as we head into a world of political uncertainty. It’s the best Satterlee Hall has to offer, and I’m proud to be a Gov-y at the CGA!



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