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Aaaaaand It’s Already Almost Thanksgiving

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Fordham Photo So much happens here. I can’t even keep up. Halloween came and went (I dressed up as Russian guy) and we went trick or treating to Admiral’s house. Then it was November. Then I got wrecked with some more tests. At some point in the last month or so we had an active shooter drill where we all got to hide in our rooms and wait it out while our shipmates pretended to be dying or bleeding out and doing what they do.


I have begun dancing ‘Rumba’ with a shipmate. It’s so fun! I didn’t realize that being involved in an activity would just take your mind off things for even a few hours each day. I also started doing inter-company volleyball, which is awesome. We have begun etiquette training as well, eating delicious food painstakingly slowly. I suppose you give some and you take some.


My Veteran’s Day weekend was eventful, as I was in Boston most of the weekend with some crew buddies where we saw Macklemore in concert and ate and shopped and talked to people and slept a lot. I came back to the Academy rejuvenated, just to head off to New York for Monday’s Veterans Day parade. It was very cool to spend Veteran’s Day in uniform, very unique, and very fun! My shipmate Chase and I went to the ‘Top of the Rock’ (the observation deck of the GE building, in the center of the Rockefeller center), got asked for directions (we had no idea), got some TGI Fridays and enjoyed seeing people in all types of uniforms walking around with us. I also spend about $20 on chocolate, which was pretty embarrassing (but oh so delicious).


There are only so many days to go until Thanksgiving, where I’ll be meeting up with my mom and her side of the family halfway across the country! I can’t wait to almost return to normal society for five whole days. It’s almost unreal.



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