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Another Semester Nearly Done

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Subramanian Photo I know I still have over 14 months left at the Coast Guard Academy, but I am continued to be amazed on what my classmates and I have accomplished. Over the summer, my classmates helped train and prepare the Class of 2017 to be in the military and be successful cadets at the Academy. Over the summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to sail on USCG Barque Eagle for the third time in my career, this time as cadre. As a 2/c cadet, I was selected to be the Foremast Captain, an equivalent position as a Department Head on a normal Coast Guard cutter. This position gave me the opportunity to lead my fellow classmates, who in turn led the Swabs. Luckily, my classmates were honorable, trustworthy, and possessed a great work ethic to make my position much easier.


The school year has given me a large load academically and militarily. The Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering major now has less than 25 cadets enrolled. I am lucky to be one of the few. We all share multiple classes, and all of us endure Fluids, Electrical Circuits and Machines, and Thermodynamics together. My favorite class this semester is Principles of Naval Architecture (PNA), which covers the broad subject of ship design and the factors that must be considered during the design process. During PNA labs, we learn to use design programs, as well as simulators and databases in ship creation. As seniors next year, we will be using what we learn when designing a vessel as our capstone project.


As a second class cadet, I have been placed in the Regimental Inter-Company Sports Division. Similar to intramural sports at civilian colleges, inter-company sports allow different companies to compete in sports like flag football, dodge ball, and volleyball. I have many tasks in the division, including creating the schedule, taking results, organizing the playoffs, and keeping proper attendance. The first class cadet in the division is very “hands-off” and trusts me with many responsibilities.


I am excited for Thanksgiving leave in order to recover from the heavy workload. Finals are less than two weeks after Thanksgiving, and I must be prepared for what is to come. More updates coming soon!



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