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A Busy Thanksgiving Break

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Wu Photo Thanksgiving break was amazing this year. I was done with classes on Thursday and I attended the coldest football game I have ever been too. I never realized how I could still be cold after I had two layers of tights under my ODU pants, two UnderArmour shirts along with a long sleeve shirt, ODU shirt, ODU fleece, and parka. Luckily this was the last home game for the semester so we just bit through the cold. It was also easier to get through the game knowing that I did not have classes the next day and that my family was coming to Colorado Springs to see me.


Friday was about cleaning up the room and getting the room ready for the break. There was a specific check off list and guidelines that needed to be done before you can leave for Thanksgiving break. I was also trying to keep busy while anticipating the arrival of my sister. I was so excited to see her because I hadn’t seen her since July 1st, but what was even more exciting was seeing my mom! My mom had just gotten back from Taiwan a couple days before and the family planned it out so that she can adjust to the time change and then come fly out to Colorado to see me. I hadn’t seen my mom since sometime in June, so I was very thankful to be able to spend part of my break with both my mom and my sister. Once I gave my family a quick tour of the academy, we started making our way to Utah. Our plan was to get to Utah that night so we can spend the weekend hiking and seeing the Arches National Park along with Canyonlands National Park. The weather however was not in our favor. It was snowing and sleeting along our whole road trip. So it made our drive from the estimated six hours to 10+ hours. We encountered a few problems on the road trip with the weather conditions; my sister having stomach flu, and our rental car’s left taillight broken. It was definitely an experience since it was my longest drive ever, driving the whole distance from Colorado to Utah as well getting pulled over twice for our broken taillight. Luckily, we just got warnings from the cops and were able to switch rental cars the next day to a car with functioning lights as well as four-wheel drive to help venture through snow. We finally got to the hotel in Moab, Utah around 2 in the morning and it just felt like such a huge accomplishment to have driven that many hours, handling the weather conditions, and arriving safely. Sleep was glorious that night.


Saturday we tried to check out Canyonlands however the fogs hindered our view of the park so we decided to walk around the Arches National Park where nature’s structures were a lot more visible. We hiked to Delicate Arch which was beautiful with snow on it. We also were able to see the North and South Windows and Torrent Arch. Sunday we spent all day in Arches National Park where we had a fun and challenging hike across a rock fin to the Double O Arches. Then we visited the Petroglyphs in the park before leaving Utah for Vail, Colorado. The four hour drive was a lot easier compared to my 10+ hours on Friday so we arrived in Vail at a reasonable time and got to see the quaint lit up ski town.


A Busy Thanksgiving Break Continued PDF  



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