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cadet blogs

New Beginnings

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Schroeder Photo I can’t help but feel excited and anxious for a new semester to begin. Part of that is because it offers the opportunity for a clean slate and a fresh start. Last semester was probably my best so far. I raised my GPA by 0.6, I excelled militarily, I found a new sport that I love, and I made more friends.


After finals I was able to go on winter leave to visit my family for the holidays. I first went to West Palm Beach, Florida to visit some extended family and then I went home to Missoula, Montana for Christmas and New Year’s. It was great to see my family and friends and spend a couple weeks relaxing at home. At the Academy I have gotten so used to being busy all the time, and I definitely needed a break. Three weeks was a good amount of time though, toward the end I started getting anxious for more to do.


So I am excited for the new semester to begin. I just have one semester left until I am a cadre, and my class has already started to prepare and decide what kind of cadre to become. Other than that, I am just excited to keep improving myself. Last semester I learned that I can do a lot better with just a little more effort, and it paid off. Hopefully this semester I can keep my GPA and military scores on the rise while having fun with my friends and sports teams.


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