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Moving Day

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Wu Photo Over the last year I have had five major moving days. I moved into my room with my spring 2013 roommate. Then at the end of the semester I had to move from 1st deck to 2nd deck into another room for the upcoming summer. 2/c cadets stay mainly at the Academy during their summer to partake in Cadre Summer, range qualifications, Rules of the Road, and the T-boats program instead of going out into the Coast Guard fleet like the 1/c and 3/c. At the end of the summer I had two of my trunks packed and shipped to the Air Force Academy, and everything else I had to manage to fit into my sea bag or wally bag. I was also able to disperse all my remaining items that I did not want to bring to Air Force to various friends.


Once I was at Air Force I had the whole process of moving in, but before I knew it, my sister was taking some of my things back home after her visit during Thanksgiving and I found myself packing up everything again. It has been a constant feeling of packing and having my things dispersed with various people in various places.


After a fun and very quick semester, I came back to CGA. It felt very foreign at first, but seeing all my friends again was very welcoming and comforting. Moving in was stressful and chaotic since I had to find all my things again. Even though I knew what room I was going to be moving into, I could not fully pack in. The problem at the Academy is that after every semester we have to move rooms and the backlog makes the process miserable at times. If one person cannot move out of their room for some reason, it stalls the person that is trying to move into that room and so forth. When I finally thought I was all moved in, I received the trunk that I had sent back to CGA from Air Force. Notice how I said I sent two trunks to Air Force and only sent one back to CGA. Unfortunately, moving also involves the risk of your things getting damaged and my big trunk got smashed like it was an air dropped package without a parachute! Luckily, I got reimbursed for my trunk, but I have not bought a new one yet.


All the moving also made me realize how much I have been hoarding over the years and there were plenty of things that I no longer needed. It was accomplishing to finally do a little early spring-cleaning and lessen the load for when I have my next moving day…at the end of this semester. Until then I will mark my place and make E115 as homey of a room while obeying the cadet regulations, of course.


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