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A New Year, A New Semester…Bring it ON

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Daghir Photo Happy Monday! It’s almost the end of January, but this semester is just getting started. I forgot how hard it was to get back into the swing of things, but I think that after the first test, I should be okay! I have been very busy with getting into the good old Chase Hall grind. I am in the rifle division of Delta Company, so I spent some time today making sure that anyone in the Corps of Cadets who didn’t have a rifle or a bayonet received one. In addition to doing division work, I have been very actively preparing for the spring lacrosse season. I am so excited because I haven’t played since my senior year of high school!!! I miss it a lot and the team from the morning workouts we have done so far is super nice and fun and talented. Last but not least, school has been challenging in that my MES schedule has left me with a total of three free hours in the entire week due to a large amount of labs and classes. Not to say that I do not love all of my classes, but a full schedule will definitely test my organizational skills.


This past weekend, I went to a Luke Bryan concert and then spent all of Saturday in Hartford, Connecticut, at a boat show. I helped man a booth for Amber Alert, an organization that provides guardians of children an identification card with a picture of their child in case the child is ever lost. We essentially made IDs for little kids all day, which was fun but draining.


I am really looking forward to the next few months. Between getting my cadre assignment (I put in for Waterfront 1), spring break, and finishing another semester that will bring me civies, shorts, and second class summer, I can hardly wait!


As always, I am thoroughly enjoying myself at the Academy and am in a constant state of motion. I have begun to realize that I am excited about my future hear and in the Coast Guard.