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A Delicate Balance

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Schroeder Photo I can’t believe a month has already gone by since I started this semester! I am definitely a lot busier than I was last semester! I have a couple more classes, and overall my homework load this semester is greater. It’s been nice being busy though – I actually enjoy being able to check things off a list, whether it be homework, military, or sports obligations – feeling accomplished is great.


I’ve gotten my fair share of breaks from school though. I’ve spent most of my weekends either away in Boston with friends, on hockey trips to places like New Hampshire or Massachusetts, or just down the road to Waterford to spend time with my sponsor family. We also have had an early dismissal for snow, a delay due to snow, and a snow day in the past month; all of which were awesome breaks from school. Presidents Day is coming up next weekend and I’ve got plans to go see Brad Paisley and Chris Young at Mohegan Sun and then go skiing in Maine for the rest of the weekend! I’m super excited. Even though the Academy loads you up with a lot of different types of obligations, sports, military and academic, once you learn to balance everything it is relatively easy to make time for yourself. It’s already been a great semester because I figured out the balance early and have set a routine.


We also just recently put in our requests for what cadre section we want this summer. This summer I will be a cadre in charge of training the incoming swabs in the Class of 2018. It’s pretty exciting; it marks your halfway point through the Academy and it gives you your first real exposure to key leadership positions. Along with cadre, I will also go to the range to get qualified in shooting a pistol, go to an air station for a week, and go coastal sailing for a couple weeks. There will also be some training in there but overall I’ve heard it’s the best summer experience you get at the Academy; and the summers are definitely what make the Academy worth it.


For now, I’ll just be waiting for spring break. I’m going to Disney World and Harry Potter World in Orlando with some friends! I have thirty days to go and I plan on powering through this last month so I have no worries when I’m having fun in the sun.


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