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Life as a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Major

(Academics, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Bellm Photo As a junior, now in my sixth semester at the Academy, you could say that I’ve gotten pretty used to everything around here. Wake up, morning formation, breakfast, morning classes, afternoon formation, lunch, afternoon classes, workout, dinner, homework, go to bed, and repeat. We could add in a few other military obligations here and there, but for the most part, that’s how your normal weekdays will go. Now, you’re probably thinking, that sounds pretty awful, and you’re right, it could be, but it’s not. The reason is because of the amazing group of people in my major that surround me for the majority of those activities. I’ve been a part of countless sports teams throughout my life, but nothing has quite been the same as our group.


As a NavArch (what we are commonly referred to at the Academy), we take an insane amount of credits. We’re basically taking what should be a five-year program and cramming it into four years. To date, I have over 100 hours completed from only five semesters. For all of those hours, I have completed countless additional hours of work outside of class, all with my classmates in my major, sometimes at 1400, and other times at 0200. While it has been a real challenge, I am so happy, even now, that I chose the major that I did. Those countless hours have been some of the best bonding time that I could have asked for with my classmates. My fellow NavArchs are some of the best people that I have met in my life. Being in this major has provided the roots to many lifetime friendships. Not only in academics at the Academy, but even in my personal life, I know that I can count on them when I’m stuck in a rough spot. They would likely be some of the first people that I would call in a sticky situation. We all talk about how happy and excited we will be to walk that stage at graduation when they announce our name, closely followed by our major because we will know how hard we worked to get there.


On top of all of that, being a NavArch will set me up perfectly for my fleet life hopefully. My desire to be an engineering officer stems directly from my good experience at the Academy in the field. Not only that, but I have gained so much knowledge, not only of engineering systems, but of problem solving and how to think through a system to get the answers that we need. Although it has been a long and sometimes bumpy path, by classmates in my major have had my back the entire way, and that has made it all worth it.


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