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Ready to Take on Challenges

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
Quintero Photo It’s currently just after the midterm period of my senior year. Life as a senior is so much different than that of an underclass. If I could describe senior year using one word then it would be EASIER. The course load, especially for a Management major is a much lighter than it has been in the past. After a while you just get into the swing of things and get into that groove and classes come easier. We have a lot more privileges as well that make me feel almost human again. I can go out Thursday nights. I don’t have to be back on Saturday nights, and I could also wear civilian clothing when I go out. I am allowed to have a car on campus too, which makes it easier to get from Point A to Point B.


When you are a freshmen or even before then if you went through prep school, you ask yourself everyday whether you made the right choice by coming to the Academy or not. The reason why underclass question themselves everyday is because it is not easy being a cadet, although it is very rewarding. It is a fact that nothing that comes easy is appreciated in life as much as the things that you had to work hard for. That is why in retrospect as a 1/c, I feel like I have made the right choice by coming to the Academy. I had to make a lot of sacrifices down the road just like everyone else; you have to leave family behind, sometimes your personality, and a little bit of your freedom. Now remember that the Academy is not for everyone, you can be just as successful if not more successful in life doing anything else other than the Academy. But for those that feel like they need order, self-discipline and have the calling to serve their nation should join.


All walks of life show up to the Academy on Reporting-In Day at the end of June every year. There are those that received an athletic scholarship and those that just want to play a sport, there are those whose parents where in the military, those who wanted a free college, those who dreamed about being in the Coast Guard all their lives, prior enlisted, college students that get sick of regular college, those whose friends dared them to attend an Academy, those whose parents forced them to come, and (my favorite) those who thought The Guardian was a great movie. You put all these people together and the end result, no matter where you come from, what your sign is or your story, is an outstanding group of human beings ready to take on any challenges.


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