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A Few Flights Under My Wing

(Life as an Ensign, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Glock Photo Spring break is almost here! Oh, wait... flight school students don't get a spring break! But that's fine, because instead of going on vacation, i'll be flying high in the T6-B completing my first solo flight in it and beginning my aerobatics phase of Primary Flight Training.


I have to admit, Primary is really hard work and demands a lot of time, patience, and drive. Luckily, that's is exactly what the CGA helped me develop. If I tried to go through flight school out of a normal college, I really don't think I would make it through the program. The T6-B is a lot of fun to fly. We call it the Ferrari of the sky. And they are just a few years old which helps with maintenance!


I'm currently in the Contact Phase of flight training. We focus on the fundamentals of flying, emergency procedures, flying by visual flight rules, and studying the systems of the aircraft. As I said, it is a lot to learn. This phase is a fire hose of information. But it all pays off when you have that moment when everything "clicks" and you can enjoy the training flights. After all, that's what we're all here for - to fly military aircraft!


I'll post another blog once I complete my Contact Solo and begin Aero. Stay tuned!


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