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Long Time No Write

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Corcoran Photo I just realize that I have not written a blog since 2013…yikes. I would love to say that my lack of writing is because I simply forgot; however, it has been a very busy semester here at the Coast Guard Academy!


For news in my cadet world: I am now an official CGA baseball manager. Every cadet needs to receive 2 sports credits every year or disciplinary action is taken, and nobody wants that. As a result, many cadets who do not participate in varsity sports either play a club sport or engage in intramural sports which are between companies. Last year I did two varsity sports – cross country and indoor track. However, this year I realized that I do not have the same passion for track as I used to. Therefore, my best friend and fellow blogger, Rheanastasia Doctolero, and I decided to become CGA baseball managers because we love the sport and would be able to receive a sports credit for our time commitment to the team. So far I would say it was a great decision! We have already missed two personnel inspections in the morning due to 0530 a.m. practices and we even got to miss a field day (when every member of the corps of cadets has to help clean Chase Hall) because of a Saturday morning practice! As you can tell, cadets highly value the little things in life while they are here.


In other news, we finally had a snow day last week! It seems as if it is always snowing here, but the Academy is never closed. It was nice to finally have a day off of school and catch up on some well-deserved rest. It seems as if I always look forward to the weekends for rest, but then I end up being so busy that I never get any sleep! The sound of Chase Hall was crazy after the email announcing the snow day was sent out. Every cadet ran out into the passageway of my deck (floor for you non-nautical type) and screamed “SNOW DAY!” or something of that nature. I’m not sure if students at other colleges experience the same level of hysterics when school is cancelled, but it is definitely a great feeling here.


I’m always willing to answer questions about anything at all whether trivial or important so feel free to email me! 


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