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The End of Forth Class Year

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Ritchie Photo February was a huge month for me and my fellow 4/c. This past month, we’ve been working hard to our first round of exams for the semester as well as boards. The month started off with 101st night on February 2 (Super Bowl Sunday). 101st night is an event that takes place when there are 101 days to go until graduation of the current year where 4/c work to earn the shoulder boards of a 2/c of their choosing. Throughout the prior week, we had to complete tasks various tasks given to us by our specific 2/c which included two indoctrination questions, two physical tasks, and two morale or spirit missions. On 101st night, we were treated practically as swabs as the 3/c and 1/c evacuated the halls and the 2/c tested the 4/c on various information we would need to know for boards. My class faced the challenges and earned 100th day privileges for the following day. We earned the white shields of the 2/c we had chosen and were allowed to act as 2/c, looking at our food, talking in the hallways, and using sidewalks. The only downside was that the 2/c acted as 4/c and could do spirit missions to take revenge on my class.


After these festivities ended, boards began. I mentioned boards in my last blog, but basically boards is an oral indoctrination test that each 4/c must take and pass to earn privileges. This year, when an individual passed, he or she could play music out loud and use his or her whiteboard. (Throughout the year, we had to write properly formatted note cards and tape them to the whiteboard outside our rooms anytime we left Chase Hall after 1900 or on the weekends. Now, many of us can use dry-erase markers and just write where we are instead. It is a huge time-saver.) When an entire company passes their boards, we earn social media privileges. We can re-activate our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and Snapchat accounts. When the whole class of 2017 passes, we’ll earn full carry-on and be able to look at our food, talk to each other in the hallways, and use sidewalks for the rest of our time at the Academy. The goal is for all of us to pass by spring break, which is March 8-16. So far, we have about 15 people in our class left to pass and one week until break. We are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s an exciting time for us as we anticipate the end of 4/c year.


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