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Growing Up!

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link   All Posts
Wu Photo Everything seems to be happening faster and faster. This semester is already half way through and then once 2014 graduates, 2015 will be firsties! It is so strange to think that I am more than half way through college and my time at CGA. It seems like yesterday I was a senior in high school receiving my acceptance letter. Now, I am preparing to be a firstie, getting qualified to stand the duties of firsties, applying for command positions, getting firstie uniforms, getting my career starter loan ($36,000), and getting an internship.


It was crazy standing Alfa Company Officer of the Day on Billet Night. I was standing duty while all the firsties were down in Leamy Auditorium finding out what and where their first assignment was. All the Officers of the Day (OODs) formed up outside the Leamy Auditorium to hold Restricted Cadet Formation and 1930 (7:30 p.m.) and it was surreal hearing the roars coming from the auditorium as firsites received their billets and thinking that that will be me and my classmates on March 5th, 2015! I cannot believe we will be the next class to receive our assignments. Last year, billets and graduating still seemed a ways away, however now, everything seems around the corner!


Applying for command positions is giving the responsibilities over to 2015. I cannot believe my class will be running Swab Summer and all the other programs over this summer and how close friends of mine are part of the Regimental Staff. Interviews are being conducting this week and next week and soon enough we will find out which of my classmates received Fall Command positions.


Along with duties and command positions, we are also getting tailored for firstie uniforms and our Ring Dance is coming up soon. Ring Dance is when we receive our class ring that signifies our time here at CGA. It is a milestone event and I am excited to receive my ring and finally get to wear it. There is a sense of pride in the Academy along with the self-accomplishment that goes with the ring.


Also, we are being trusted and given the responsibility of a huge career starter loan. The career starter loan is $36,000 and it is a lot of money for a junior in college to be responsible for. A lot of my classmates buy a car and it is up to us to figure out how we want to use the money or maybe make the decision of not taking the loan at all.


As for the upcoming summer, I am excited for my internship at Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to apply and, looking at all the other programs occurring this summer, I can really see how far my class has come and developed. We are now being trusted and given these programs and internships as opposed to being a follower during fourth class summer and third class summer. I am still waiting on what I will be doing for the other half of the summer since the internship is the second half of my summer, but I am excited for what is in store!


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