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Those Nice Winter Days…

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Miller Photo A few weeks ago, my classmate and former roommate 3/c Sarah Kukich posted about the best ways to survive winter at the Academy. Since the first day of spring was a few days ago, I think it’s only appropriate that I give ten reasons why winter at the Academy is actually pretty good (would it make more sense to write why spring is good at the Academy? Maybe, but winter is underappreciated).


10. Temperatures inside Chase Hall actually become bearable.
My room in Chase is ridiculously hot and even when it’s snowing, the window is open. The colder it is outside, the closer to room temperature my room comes.


9. Drinking hot beverages such as tea and coffee is more normal.
I drink a lot of tea and coffee, but it’s more acceptable to do it when it’s about 25 degrees outside than when it’s 85.


8. Watching movies is more acceptable.
If it’s nice out in New London, it’s kind of an obligation to not stay in your room. But when the sky is grey and the temperature is cold, watching movies is the thing to do. I’ve watched more movies this semester than I normally do in a year, and sadly that’s not an exaggeration.


7. It isn’t hot outside.
New London in the summer is the worst—it’s hot and humid.


6. You can think about how nice the summer is.
As opposed to actually having summer and hating almost every second of it.


5. Bridge coats and parkas are actually sort of necessary.
Here at the Academy, when we’re told to wear bridge coats (giant sleeping bags pretending to be coats) and parkas, we have to wear them. The colder it is, the more useful they are.


4. Snow.
It’s fantastic.


3. Sledding in the snow.
I remember doing this as the 4/c and it was probably one of the highlights of that year.


2. Snowball fights.
4/c bonding, especially when it was 4/c vs. the upper-class.


1. Snow days.
In the battle between spring and winter, winter wins because no matter how spring-like it is outside during spring, you don’t get a day off.



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