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A Night to Remember

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Chavarria-Aguilar Photo After being at the Academy for so long now, I feel like many of the people here are just a part of one big family. For me, this includes not only the great Class of 2015, but also the folks in the Class of 2014 - our beloved firsties. Due to my whole prep-school escapade, I am a year behind and would have been a part of their class had I received an appointment immediately after high school. However, my time down at Marion Military Institute did not quell my relationship with these folks and I think AIM helped with that. As their final chapter at the Academy comes to a close, I cannot help but to feel like I am losing a huge chunk of what makes this place so wonderful. But enough of that dismal nostalgia; this blog entry is meant to preserve the joy that 2014 has brought to my life and to the Academy as a whole.


I had the fortune to attend Castle Dance with 1/c Gus Manzi last night, and boy what a bash it was. Everyone looked absolutely stunning, the ladies in their gowns and all the gentlemen in their handsome “whites.” They had a band that played all the right music, a hilarious poem presented by Treston Taylor and Andrew Heaney, the most divine selection of food that a mere cadet could ask for, and a Coldplay song that was sung by the one and only Jerry Hong. We had so much fun just dancing the night away. Good times were had by all. To the Class of 2014, I will always treasure my memories with you and am excited to see you off into your bright futures. It’s people like you all that make this place bearable when all surely seems lost. Stay classy, dear 2014.



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