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(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Tress Salvatori Photo Hello friends. In this session I would like to share with you my experiences related to the formation of my leadership being part of the United States Coast Guard Academy. First I will start by briefly describing the experience of having a high school student shadow me. This student, who has already been accepted into the Coast Guard Academy, was invited to the Academy to have the experience of being a cadet for one day.


My student’s name was Alysia. It was a very nice experience because I had the opportunity to share my experiences with a future member of my Academy. I would have liked that someone had shared with me the experience of Swab Summer in general terms as well as received some tips which would had helped me on the first days. That is why it was really important for me have had shared this day with her and I hope I have had shared enough experiences as well as tips with her.


Second, this Friday March 21st it was a day full of conferences related to ethics and leadership. We were delighted by different professors, active duty military personnel and retired military personnel as experts in leadership. Also we were honored by the presence of Mr. Paul W. Bucha. Mr. Bucha received the Medal of Honor because of his valiant actions during Vietnam War. His conference left in me the concept of humility. On top of everything, a great leader should be humble and he is a clear example of that.


In conclusion, this week was successfully dedicated to leadership. Whether it was sharing experiences with Alysia or participating in this conferences, little by little I am leaving behind the role of a fourth class cadet in order to be part of the so desired group of upper class cadets.



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