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See Ya Later

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Kuntz Photo Christmas break has come and gone and I find myself yet again stuffed into the plethora of assignments that I have due this week. I’ve never been a procrastinator and still have so much work! But it will all be for the better because I’m trying to frontload some of the work so my life won’t be as stressful once sailing season comes around.


Being home was simply awesome. It was amazing to see all of my family and best friends and hear all of their stories about “real” college (Ohio State and Miami! Woot Woot!). It was hard to describe some of the stuff that goes on here because every story needs another story to explain why we do things the way we do. I slept in with my puppy, sprawled all over my queen sized bed, stayed in sweats all day, ate my weight in Christmas cookies, went ice skating, and got to spend time with those who matter the most. It’s definitely hard leaving everyone again, especially my brother and my parents, because I don’t know when I’m going to be home next. The goodbyes are getting easier though because it’s more of a “see ya later” kind of thing!


Weather-wise, Connecticut winters are actually a little bit milder than back home! My brother didn’t have school for almost an entire week because of snow days but we haven’t been that lucky yet... Well, back to the books!



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