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Spirit Missions

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Pourmonir Photo What is a spirit mission? I thought you would never ask! A spirit mission is an attempt by fourth class cadets to increase the overall spirit or morale of the Corps of Cadets by an action which will be found humorous, frustrating, or just plain mean. Yes, basically an excuse to prank the upper-class. This very highly esteemed “mission” is only given to the most trusted rank of the corps, us fourth class. Once you finish your fourth class year, you no longer have an excuse to carry out spirit missions. This being said, as someone who played a major role in every spirit mission carried out in Alfa Company thus far, I thought I would share some of my experience.


Caution: None of the following have been done by trained professionals and they are not recommended to be attempted at home. Alfa Company started off simple, putting saran wrap on cups at lunch and doors at night. It rapidly escalated. Before the end of the semester we had filled the hallway with boxes blocking the doors of our company commander and executive officer, stole the Air Force exchange cadet’s uniform and replaced it with a bright orange pair of foul weather gear, and left all of our phones in our Guidon’s room with alarms set in the middle of the night. Might I add the last phone was in a lock box, which we disguised to trick him into thinking it was his own. We also toilet papered the wardroom and barricaded the regimental commanders car by placing a log the size of a telephone pole underneath his car between his wheels. If you find none of this funny don’t worry, you will in good time. But the moral of this story is morale. As fourth class we create it, and its presence depends on us! Now I’d like to mention that after all these pranks we created a picture slideshow with and original song about Alfa Company and our Guidon, which we used to thank him for being awesome. Side note, he is now the second class in charge of my development. Crazy how things work out. If you would like to watch the video, here it is.



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