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Awaiting Full Carry-On

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Kuntz Photo The time has come where everyone has now passed their boards and we can now officially look at our food! Wardroom carry-on may not be understood by some of you reading this, but let me tell you, I have never been so excited to eat like a normal person in my life. We still have to be braced up and square back up in the barracks, but day-to-day life and morale among my class is at an all-time high! There are so many things to look forward to that it’s masking the growing anxiousness for full carry-on (to an extent).


The other day we got our summer assignments! I will be going to a small boat station after sailing ends this spring and then I’ll spend about six weeks aboard Eagle with some of my classmates! I’ve heard mixed reviews about Eagle – some people love it, some people don’t love it so much, and some people have been pretty impartial. But everyone I’ve talked to has said it was definitely an experience. I mean, when else will I be on a pirate-esque ship with around 100 of my classmates!? Not to mention, some of my best friends at the Academy will be with me and we are determined to make this one of the best summers to date!


It hit me the other day how close I’ve gotten to some of the people here. When the Dark Ages struck and we didn’t see the sun for like two weeks, it was the people that made this place bearable. We’re supposed to find out company assignments here too sometime in the near future and it’ll be awesome to see who/where we all get stuck with! Until then, it’s once again back to the books and back on the water!



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