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Service to Country and Humanity

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2017) Permanent link   All Posts
Sandri Photo It is almost the end of March, and it feels like the end of the school year is just around the corner! The 4/c now have full wardroom carry-on, so it’s nice being able to go down to dinner and act like a normal person. Everyone in the class has now passed boards, so we are anticipating full carry-on to hopefully arrive soon.


On another note…congratulations to the prospective cadets who have received their appointments to the Academy and prep school! At this time last year, I was in the process of deciding which college to attend when my admissions officer said something that caught me by surprise. He told me that the Coast Guard Academy is unlike other schools in that it will recruit but won’t try to convince students to accept their appointments—we have to want it for ourselves. I had never heard a statement like this before, as most colleges do everything they can to entice students to accept, but it helped in putting my options into perspective. The CGA is a special place because at its core is a pure and simple mission: to educate and train leaders in the Coast Guard.


To be blunt, Academy life is challenging. But people don’t primarily come here to have fun, (though that is sometimes part of the equation), or collect a big paycheck. Most of us came here to do our part in making the world just a little bit brighter, through service to country and humanity. When days get rough, I remember that it was my decision to come here, and I am glad that hardship was something the Admissions Office made clear right off the bat. If you are passionate about service and the sea, the Coast Guard Academy is really a terrific place to be, and it was definitely the right choice for me. Good luck in choosing the right college, and as always, feel free to email me with any questions!



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