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But Ma, I Don’t Want to Take Boards

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Doctolero Photo It’s that time of year again and I have never been so glad not to be a 4/c. Boards are coming up. The 4/c board is basically a 10 question “What fun facts do you know about the Coast Guard?” test. The thing that stinks is that the packet for the test is like 80 pages and you have no idea what they are going to ask so you have to study the whole thing. As a 3/c, I offer help but if the 4/c don’t want it, then the only real thing you have to do is take them to the exam and stand there and listen. Luckily for me my 4/c is self-sufficient so I just took him to the board and he passed on the first try. Yay me! Some kids take five or six tries to pass. This year the board was ridiculously easy. Compared to our exam, they basically spoon fed the answers.


On the bright side, spring break was awesome! It was my first time in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Unfortunately, I could have done without all the wind, but you can’t have it all. It’s a beautiful place, but it still doesn’t beat Miami. I live where others vacation; I’m proud of my city.


Anyway, now we are just waiting for all the other 4/c to pass boards so that they can get carry-on. And that means that our 3/c privileges are right around the corner. Woo-hoo civies and shorts! I can’t wait. And when I say shorts, I don’t mean an article of clothing in which people wear on the lower halves of their body to show off their legs. It means that you can sleep someplace other than Chase Hall on Saturday night. As boring as these things sound, it means a lot to you when you’re a cadet. They take away the basics and give them back one by one to make you think you’re getting something great. It’s kind of like taking one of your friend’s bracelets in January then giving it to her as a gift for her birthday in October. She had no idea she already owned it and is just happy to get a gift.



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