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Major Decision

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Seaman Photo Choosing the major you’re going to study for the next four years can be a difficult decision. I applied as a Government major, but this past week switched into Operations Research and Computer Analysis. I chose to switch for many reasons. Operations Research is geared toward solving problems through math and logic. I find that appealing because there is always a need for advancement or more efficiency. Also, this year I realized that math comes more easily to me than other subjects. Operations Research is a math-oriented major, as opposed to Government, which is mostly writing.


The use of computers and problem solving is also a growing field in both the Coast Guard and the civilian world. I believe that the computer programming taught in the major is both interesting and a helpful skill to have with today’s advancing technology. When I made this decision, I talked to a couple teachers and upper class. I found that our majors do not have much weight when determining our jobs in the fleet, but come into play when we retire and join the civilian sector. From there I thought about which major, paired with great operational knowledge from the fleet, would provide me with the best job. I determined that to be OR. Even though I won’t be majoring in Government, the Academy still has many opportunities for me to be involved in the subject. For example, we are required to take a Government course 3/c year and I have been told that there are opportunities for OR majors to work alongside Government majors in some of the projects they work on.


Through this experience, I have learned that there is no right major to study at the Academy. The right major is the one that you can be most interested in and most successful at. So don’t worry if you aren’t sure of what you want to major in yet because 4/c year does a good job of showing you your strengths and interests academically, and it is easy to switch once you get here.



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