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New Roommate Every Semester

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link   All Posts
Ellis Photo Hi everyone! When I go home and talk to my friends that go to “normal” college, they are always surprised to hear that I move rooms and have a new roommate every semester. This is something we do here to ensure that we can learn to deal with change and other personalities. This is good preparation for the fleet, since we will be on a boat at sea for possibly months at a time with the same people. This semester I am rooming with one of my best friends here. Last semester, my roommate and I asked to room with each other this semester. We hoped we would get it, but were not completely sure we would. However, when the rooming list came out right before Christmas break, we saw that we would be living together! We were super excited, however, a little skeptical. You see, we spend the majority of our day with each other without being roommates. We are friends, have most of the same classes, and are in the same division. Before living together, we joked that we were going to go crazy being with each other so much! Now that we have been living together for three months, I’ve found that it has worked out really well for each of us. Our key to success is being able to understand each other’s personality. For example, I am an introvert, so I like to sit quietly doing my homework with my headphones on. However, my roommate is an extrovert; she plays loud music, is always talking to others and inviting people over, or going to other people’s rooms. But since we know each other’s personalities, we have learned when to leave each other alone and when to be hyper and social.


My roommate and I have had some of the best times together this semester. In January, we went to the Statue of Liberty with our other friend, Christi Frost. We then went to my house to spend the weekend. At school, it’s awesome that we are roommates, especially when we have a test in one of our classes. We can just study in our room together. The same goes for group projects that we have together. And for division work, we are already together, so it is easy for our work to get done! But it’s not all work in this room! We are both absolutely obsessed with Frozen! Almost every night, right before bed, we listen to the Frozen soundtrack! We both know basically all the words! Much to the surprise of both of us, being roommates has been an awesome time and has truly worked out in our favor.


I believe that it is truly valuable that we switch rooms and roommates every semester here at the Academy. It teaches us how to deal with others in close quarters. It prepares us for the fleet when we may be stuck on a boat with only 100 other people for months at a time. It is a truly valuable lesson.



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