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The Roller Coaster Ride to the Finish Line

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link   All Posts
Keith Photo Hello friends!


It’s been awhile, but I am writing to you from room E231 while occasionally glancing outside of my window. The weather is gorgeous, and spring has finally come after a long, brutal winter.


The Academy experience is truly a roller coaster ride. For most of the time, it seems like you and your classmates are sitting in the cart, slowly going up the incline. Very, very slowly. And it seems like it will take forever to get to the top and over the hump.


However, once you get over the hump things pick up at break-neck speed. From Billet Night (where you find out your first duty station), to Castle Dance (last class formal), to late nights in Mac Hall struggling under the weight of a capstone project, to filling out confusing PCS paperwork, to Dining In (a dinner where the class is welcomed into the Officer Corps), to finals rapidly approaching we are, in nautical terms, CBDR (Constant Bearing, Decreasing Range) to our final waypoint: Commencement and Graduation.


It’s incredible that I’ve made it this far; I certainly couldn’t see myself as a 1/c when I was a swab and it’s still hard to imagine that I will be putting on Ensign shoulder boards and a combination cover with an Eagle on it in a mere 37 days. The Class of 2014’s days are numbered, and I’m doing my best to enjoy this roller coaster ride with everyone before our cart comes to a stop and we step out into the world.



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