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So Wait, What Happens After Graduation????

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Life as a Junior Officer, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
White Photo Hello again! So, it has been a while…I am sorry for that. What can I say? After graduating from the Academy, there is little a junior officer writes that is not in standard, memorandum format. So, bear with me as I get back into this whole “free-form” blog writing thing.


Over the two years since graduation for the great (est?) Class of 2012, I have completed a lot of fulfilling and wild adventures. I am sure that many of my classmates have humbled me in that regard; but they can write their own blogs bragging of their grandiose exploits. As some of you know, I got an assignment onboard CGC Cypress, a 225-foot buoy tender home-ported in Pensacola, Florida. When I first crossed the brow as a “butter bar,” I was greeted with a CG-standard scratchy blanket, a stateroom slightly larger than my body, and a “hey” from 50 perfect strangers. Now, as I prepare to depart with an additional gold bar, I will leave with the same scratchy CG-standard blanket, a slightly larger stateroom, and 50 of the best friends and people I could have hoped to have sailed with. Along the way, I got to do some cool stuff…


……So Wait, What Happens After Graduation???? (Continued) PDF 



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