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Insomniac by Choice

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Chang Photo Good morning! The time is currently 0116 on Sunday, October 4, 2014. Why am I up so late, you ask? Well, why not? I use this time right now to get started on homework so I can use the time during the weekend to relax. Do I get things done? Yes. Do I have a regular sleep schedule? No. Will I regret this later? Probably, but that’ll be weighed against the awesome amount of stuff I’m getting done right now, such as writing this blog post.


Generally, as a fourth class, you won’t sleep much. I’m not saying you’ll be up until 0116 doing homework on a weekend; there are always a select few who manage to be in bed by 10 but, generally, you won’t sleep much. You’re usually busy all day with trainings, classes, sports and homework along with the other fourth class stuff you need to do, such as clocks and trash orderlies. My watch has three different alarms. I never thought I would need to use all three, but I thought wrong. Time management is important, and sometimes a little sleep needs to be sacrificed to make it work. But Columbus Day weekend is right at the door, so maybe I’ll get to sleep in until 0700.


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