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Just Be You

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Chang Photo When most people think of the military, they picture rows of robotic movements, perfectly in sync with a single command. While this may be true for things like Swab Summer and drill, this isn’t what life at the Academy is all about. Being your own person is one of the most important things in a place like this; it helps retain some sanity. I think that’s why we have Eclipse Week, a week that the Academy sets aside to appreciate diversity because times have changed.


This week, Academy had its annual poetry slam, followed by a talent show. We had twelve brave 4/c and two 3/c recite poetry on a variety of topics such as the discrepancies in Harry Potter to how breaking up is like owning a cat. The talent show was just as great with an awesome piano piece and step team. The winner was a 3/c who played a violin version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” It made me wonder why he is in the Coast Guard because he probably could have gotten a record deal somewhere.


Last but not least, we had the honor of having officers from all over the country come to the Academy for the week. There were officers of different backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations, ethnicities and tracks of life here. While this meant that most of the cadets had their hands in a permanent salute, it was an experience to hear these officers speak that made it all worth it. We also had the honor of having the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Zukunft, attend as well as the first Asian-American admiral of the Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Vojvodich. This event really reminded me of the other missions the Coast Guard – we’re not only here to save lives but also to bring them together in a way that builds a mutual understanding of who we are and what we have. So, if you come here, just be you.


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