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cadet blogs

September 2015

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Chang Photo (9/14) Continuing on from my last post, the PFE went great! I guess a steady diet of NYC street food really is the best way to train. I will be conducting further study on this experiment and am planning a nutrition regimen with hot dogs and deep-fried pretzels. Unfortunately, however, that will have to wait because it is finally time to start training for boxing season! We’ve only been training for a little over a month, but the team is getting stronger every day. Soon we’ll be having a Friday Night Fight, where our boxers duke it out against each other in front of a raging crowd in the attic of the Alumni Center. What I’m looking forward to the most is fighting other schools, especially West Point. Go Bears!


(9/21) Surprisingly, it’s true when they say things get better as you progress along here. Sure, there’s more work and fewer reasons why you would make mistakes, but it’s the little things that make life at the Academy, and in New London, better. When you become a 3/c, you wear a polo/khaki golfer-getup instead of the Tropical Blue uniform when going off campus. It’s also easier to get around because, once you get used to it, New London is pretty easy to navigate. This past weekend there was this cool Indie music festival downtown. We pretty much spent the whole day there, watching the bands play and eating sushi. It was a great way to hang out and catch up with friends.


(9/28) I’m trying to write a little summary every week, and I think this format’s going to work for me. Having this blog’s pretty nice because it’s like having a journal; and so many things happen here, I can always reference the cadet blogs if I need to remember anything. It’s also a great outlet for productive procrastination. I probably shouldn’t be writing this down, but being a 3/c is very relaxing. Maybe it’s because I’m a Government major or perhaps it’s the newfound freedom of 3/c year. But now, I can honestly say, without wincing, “Gotta love New London.”


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