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Highlights of 2015

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Glick Photo As this semester comes to a close, I reflect on the highlights of 2015. This year, I was decided to switch my major to Management from Government, saw most of Western Europe, served as a Swab Summer cadre, rediscovered my love for running, organized an inter-service Academy Holocaust Symposium and, most recently, was selected to serve on the Corp of Cadets Regimental Staff for Swab Summer 2016. Unfortunately, many good friends departed the Academy, but our class also received some additions from 2015ers who were on religious sabbatical.


So much has changed in 2015, but so much has remained the same. I am still amazed how fast this year has gone by, and I still feel like a 4/c cadet. I was in my interview with the Commandant of Cadets when it hit me—it won’t be too long before our class begins to take the reins of leadership this coming summer. I am excited to help guide and work together with the Class of 2018 as the Class of 2020 arrives at the Academy in June. Next semester we have our work cut out for us, in terms of getting the Class of 2018 ready for cadre summer. As I depart on leave, I look forward to seeing family and friends again and relaxing. I am exempted from many of my finals, (all but one), so I get to go home early for winter leave!


One leadership lesson that I passed onto my 4/c as I depart early for leave is to observe your leaders. Take note of their actions, behaviors, and speech. Remember what you like and what you don’t like, because you may be in their position one day. Always stand up for what is right, even though that can be hard sometimes. Learn from the successes and failures of those above you, and always set the example for your subordinates, your peers, and your superiors. Accountability is both horizontal and vertical; that is, we must be responsible for those at our level as well as those above and below us. Never be afraid to speak truth to power. And most importantly, never give up.


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