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Eligibility Eligibility and Admissions Process

Applicants must meet the following general requirements:
  • Sponsorship by the student’s home country
  • Submit a certified high school transcript during an interview with either the U.S. Defense Attaché Officer (USDAO) or other U.S. Embassy official prior to submission of their application package
  • Be unmarried with no dependents or financial debt
  • Be 17-22 years of age on July 1 of the year of entry

International Admissions Process

To be considered for admission, international cadet candidates must meet and/or consider the following requirements:

  • All international cadet candidates are required to submit either SAT Reasoning or ACT exam scores by the February application deadline.
  • In countries where English is not the primary language, candidates must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and have the results reported to the Coast Guard Academy by the February deadline. In certain situations and with approval from the U.S. Coast Guard Office of International Affairs, the English Comprehension Level (ECL) exam may be administered in lieu of the TOEFL.
  • All international cadet candidates must be in good physical condition. Candidates must complete a Physical Fitness Exam (PFE) as part of the application process. Cadets must pass the PFE again shortly after reporting to the Academy. Cadets who fail the PFE will normally be disenrolled.
  • International cadet candidates are not required to take a medical exam to apply the Coast Guard Academy; however, candidates who are enrolled must pass a medical exam upon arrival. Any student who fails the medical exam will be disenrolled. A list of common medical disqualifications is available to all candidates.
  • It is necessary that all applicants be interviewed by either their U.S. Defense Attaché Officer (USDAO) or other U.S. Embassy official prior to submission of their package. Applicants are required to present a certified high school transcript at the interview. High school performance, English skills, activities and evidence of physical fitness will be evaluated.
  • Upon request, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy will send each international cadet candidate the required forms and supplemental information. All requirements must be completed by February 1st.