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CTSP Overview
CSTP Days 1 and 2: Colgate Sail Training
CSTP begins with a two-day sailing refresher course on the Academy’s Colgate fleet. These two days are far more than just sailing basics, however; teamwork and situational awareness are major outcomes of the training program.

The first day begins with the sailing coaches delivering a condensed sailing lecture to the cadets. The cadet section then breaks up into crews of three or four to each Colgate and learns how to rig the boats from the boat’s Safety Officer. After a lunch break, the crews get underway from the pier and practice various sailing maneuvers on the Thames. Each cadet is rotated through the different positions on the boat to gain experience steering under sail and trimming the jib and mainsail. After a couple of hours tacking and jibing on the river, the basics have been remastered. 

The day begins with cadets holding a Navigation Brief to discuss environmental conditions for the day’s transit, the point of destination, hazards and aids to navigation along the route. Here, cadets begin to get in the mindset of how wind, current, and tide can affect various parts of the trip.

Furthermore, in studying the charts, cadets pick out specific navigation aids that they expect to see along the way. When the boats get underway, the cadet skipper runs the show; he/she decides when and how to maneuver, and calls out the commands to do so. As the navigation aids are spotted, cadets go to the charts and figure out what aid it is. Piecing together the navigation picture this way proves to be a valuable introduction to coastal navigation for cadets. They begin to gain the big picture in time for the Luders trips: both in navigation and sailing fundamentals. 

Sample Trip (ports may vary)
  Day 1:  Colgate sailing in Thames 
  Day 2:  Colgate sailing in Fisher’s Island Sound 
  Day 3:  Prep for trip 
  Day 4:  Bus to Point Judith, Rhode Island 
  Day 5:  Sail to Newport, Rhode Island 
  Day 6:  Sail to Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts 
  Day 7:  Sail to Oak’s Bluff, Martha’s Vineyard 
  Day 8:  Sail to Woods Hole, Cape Cod 
  Day 9:  Sail to Newport, Rhode Island 
  Day 10:  Sail to Block Island, Rhode Island 
  Day 11:  Sail to Point Judith, Rhode Island 
  Day 12:  Debrief with crews